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December 17, 2009
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Bring the rain by Jonesycat79 Bring the rain by Jonesycat79
"Bring the Rain..."

Tagline for a brand new upcoming TT story I'm cooking up.^^

As my closest frinds know, that's like my fav line uttered in the first Transformers movie and i thought it would fit for htis story that I'm cooking up. I am still working on my other turbo teen comic, Turbo Teen Redemption with :iconagent505:, but this story will be my very own literature entry into the Turbo Teen series. Keep a look out for it!^^

As for this pic, I love how i did most of htis myself with little to no reference.^^ And hte shine and refelcitons look like they doo in a car and i love the shine off the Mustang emblem.

And for the record, the girl in the refleciton is a totally new turbo changer and is not Michelle Peyton though I admit some design asthetics are similar between the two.Vanessa Summers however has brown eyes where Michelle had Blue and vanessa sports streaks i her hair.(though this picture doesn't really show it XD).Eitehr way, Vanessa is a new and orignal character I made. (though stupid me couln't help but make her look similair to Michelle.Oh well.)


"Bring the rain"

Redemption is coming.
Michelle Peyton by :iconagent505:
TheDarkNeon Dec 19, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Vanessa Summers, huh? ... interesting character idea... and fan fic!

Weird, next year, I'm planning a crossover fan fic between :iconagent505:'s characters, including Michelle Peyton, Shelly Starsetter, Gregory Claxion (and maybe more) and my characters from my series, 'DarkNeon', which are Derek Night/DarkNeon, Kami Dawn, and Riley Best.

Can't wait to read both upcoming fan-fics! Remember, REDEMPTION IS COMING, and don't forget to Bring The Rain!!

(btw, how's that Winter season pic coming? It's a frozen tundra over here where I'm at...AND IT'S STILL COMING!?! *sighs* better stock up on salt and shovels! ... Maybe after the holidays. *wink*)
Absolhunter251 Dec 18, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
awesome bro!^^ Me like the horse logo, nice job.^^

your sis absolhunter251!^^
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